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Dear Daniel Cho

April 4, 2007

I have just come back from a bad April Fools’ joke that left me to be mauled by a Siberian Water Buffalo and a response to you is my first post. Congratulations! Do you really think I’m hiding things from my audience? Good, cause I’m anonymous, so the answer is an obvious “Yes.” Let’s go […]

Phone call during work

March 30, 2007

Me: Sir? Sir: Yes? Me: We don’t have any of the Schaufer (spelled right?) rollerball pen refills. Sir: I can’t hear you, hold on. Me: OK… Three minutes pass… Sir: You still there? Me: Yes. Sir: I want some Schaufer rollerball refills. Me: Yea, I don’t have any of those. Sir: What? Me: We don’t […]