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First post in seven days sums up seven days and 300 million people

April 20, 2007

It’s been an interesting week, huh? I haven’t posted anything about it either. Why? Because I couldn’t think of what exactly I wanted to say. But now I do. Who’s the blame about the VTech shooting has been a popular topic this week. Is it… …video games? …gun laws? …a lack of action on behalf […]

Being mean enough

April 11, 2007

Right now, if you were to look at my most recent articles you would notice they mostly deal with the recent ordeal of blogger relations. In some cases it seems like a war between anonymous bloggers and those who let their identities known. It especially seems this way when some people call for an end […]

When you go face first, you might get punched in the nose

March 28, 2007

Every time I look a MySpace page or a Facebook profile I marvel at how the mindset of people has changed. I remember when everybody was so intensely set on protecting their identity online. You weren’t supposed to say your real name or where you lived. Meeting people you met online was strictly taboo. Now, […]

Why BitTorrent needs to die

March 10, 2007

In the beginning…we had real files…and for a time…it was good. Then, came BitTorrent. Webmasters no longer needed to host entire files and the amount of space and bandwidth they needed dropped exponentially. Good? No. Because of BitTorrent Web space and bandwidth prices are still higher than they need to be. Supply and demand. Web […]

Be Tough with your Money!

February 28, 2007

On Sunday, an article was posted on digg about a video game sale. In the comments many people doubted the validity of such a sale (even though it happens annually) and commented on reasons on why they did not get the sale prices. Then, some had the audacity to criticize people who tried to profit […]

Backwards Compatibility

February 19, 2007

So a few days ago I tried to play Tetris Worlds on the Xbox 360. It wasn’t supported. A day later I tried Unreal Championship 2. Again, it didn’t work. Today, I tried Marvel Ultimate Alliance. Can you guess what the outcome was??? Honestly, they might as well come out and say “XBOX 360! Backwards […]

The Barack Obama Toolbox

February 12, 2007

While snooping around digg I found a link to this interesting campaign tactic. My first thought was “Wow, a campaign using technology could work. I like the idea of technology playing a bigger part.” Then, I realized, “This is just a collection of people to be complete tools. It’s like Barack Obama’s personal toolbox!” So […]

I don’t care about my rank, so I definitely don’t care about yours.

February 12, 2007

Just a note to Xbox Live players. I play to have fun. I can have fun winning or losing. And if you yell at me for sucking. I’ll laugh at you.

Mind Your Manners

February 8, 2007

My fellow Americans. Please represent yourselves better on the virtual plane of existence know as the Internets. A good many of you have made the “twelve-year-old AOLer” seem like the American norm. Now, I realize that this may hard for some of you. Some of you get off on being a an utter dunce online […]

My Categories Currently Aren’t Accepting Applications

February 2, 2007

I will update soon with another controversial topic…yay! I know how much my traffic spikes when I do that…or maybe it’s when I link to Violent Acres’ newest post. It’s one or the other. (Probably the other.) However, right now my blog here at isn’t working quite right. I don’t think it’s auto-saving and […]