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First post in seven days sums up seven days and 300 million people

April 20, 2007

It’s been an interesting week, huh? I haven’t posted anything about it either. Why? Because I couldn’t think of what exactly I wanted to say. But now I do. Who’s the blame about the VTech shooting has been a popular topic this week. Is it… …video games? …gun laws? …a lack of action on behalf […]

Being mean enough

April 11, 2007

Right now, if you were to look at my most recent articles you would notice they mostly deal with the recent ordeal of blogger relations. In some cases it seems like a war between anonymous bloggers and those who let their identities known. It especially seems this way when some people call for an end […]

I want to be the first one to say it!

April 10, 2007

“Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges.”

Blogger Threat Levels

April 9, 2007

After reading a couple of articles today, I realized that I had the perfect solution to the problem being addressed. Color coded threat levels. Somebody Photoshop individual buttons so they can be passed around to bloggers who need to know. Stumble it!

When you go face first, you might get punched in the nose

March 28, 2007

Every time I look a MySpace page or a Facebook profile I marvel at how the mindset of people has changed. I remember when everybody was so intensely set on protecting their identity online. You weren’t supposed to say your real name or where you lived. Meeting people you met online was strictly taboo. Now, […]

In response to a Descobleized week

March 27, 2007

Let me start off by saying I don’t even read the Scobleizer on a semi-normal basis. I just came across this post after reading earlier today about a harassed blogger. I’m going to throw out all sensitivity here. This is beyond ridiculous. A blogger named Kathy Sierra started receiving comments on her blog that are […]

The Traditional “WTF Mate?”

March 25, 2007

Yes, all of us who have tried the online chatting out have heard it. “WTF Mate?” It comes to mind when something completely absurd or out-there is read. “WOOT! Passive voice!” “WTF Mate? You were going to make a point and then went completely off track.” Get it? No? Yea…I figured. Today’s “WTF Mate” goes […]

Smoking Bans

March 23, 2007

We live in a country that will never be “smoke free.” No, I do not smoke. In fact, I have asthma and if somebody is smoking by me my lungs close up really nicely. So I guess that means I have a built in hatred of smoking. Lots of other people seem to hate smoking, […]

Next time there better be an actual fire or I’m starting one.

March 14, 2007

I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep last night, or the night before last. My class is at 1PM so I took the opportunity to sleep in. BAT! BAT! BAT! BAT! BAT! BAT! BAT! BAT! I jumped out of bed before I was even awake, ready to take a bat to whatever this loud […]

Gah! My Back!

March 6, 2007

I was just reading an article over at Violent Acres’ blog and was thinking about how much I disagree. I’ve been over the top high twice in my life. The first time was a bit of a math problem and I overdosed on liquid Tylenol. Yea, I didn’t know it was possible either. I’m the […]