Another Else: Volume I
Reminding and Restating Revised

First post in seven days sums up seven days and 300 million people

It’s been an interesting week, huh?
I haven’t posted anything about it either.
Because I couldn’t think of what exactly I wanted to say. But now I do.
Who’s the blame about the VTech shooting has been a popular topic this week.
Is it…
…video games?
…gun laws?
…a lack of action on behalf of staff?
D.) None of the Above
How about we finally blame the person with the fucking gun?
Seriously, how can we jump to blame somebody who didn’t pull the trigger?
Video Games: It turns out he didn’t play them.
Gun laws: My uncle has an entire arsenal and he hasn’t attempted a coup.
Staff: Do you know how many crazy people are on one campus? Can you expect everyone of them to go ballistic?

I don’t know how this holds in other countries, but here in the US of A we like to blame the media when it doesn’t raise our kiddies correctly. The television isn’t a buggering babysitter!
Comics and video games don’t raise your kids!
I take that back.
They raise your kids’ weight! The porky little brats are easy to pick out, too! They are the ones you see at a store, on the ground, screaming “I WANT IT!”
Parents raise your kids. This means keeping them away from what you feel are bad influences not complaining that the influences are there!
Adults have the right to rot their brains on bad TV, comics and video games.
Book burning went out with the times. Some reason we still fight TV shows.
How about you stop taking the easy way out and blaming others for your child’s misplaced morals. If you actually took the time to explain yours maybe they wouldn’t look to the TV for `em.

I recall playing Doom at the age of 4 or 5 because my dad felt I was mature enough after a conversation about what is acceptable in games and what is acceptable in real life.
“He knows it’s not real” was his response to anybody who disagreed with his decision.

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