Another Else: Volume I
Reminding and Restating Revised

Dear Daniel Cho

I have just come back from a bad April Fools’ joke that left me to be mauled by a Siberian Water Buffalo and a response to you is my first post.
Do you really think I’m hiding things from my audience? Good, cause I’m anonymous, so the answer is an obvious “Yes.”
Let’s go at this piece by piece.
1. “Hardly anybody reads me.”
I’ve been posting my numbers for a while now. Even one of my fellow bloggers pointed this out.
Now, my readership has greatly improved in recent weeks. But would I say it is “Hardly anybody?” Meh, maybe.
2. “The more companies pay me, the more I like their stuff.”
Wait a minute! Wait a cotton picking minute!
People get paid doing this? I could use the money! Pay me!
It may burn my tongue but I’d even compliment the Ngage!
3. “Did I mention I’m not a real reporter?”
Are you?
4. “I might infect your computer with a virus”
If somebody gets a virus from my blog I’ll create a new award for stupidity. I mean it. I’ll even name it after `em.
AnotherElse.trojan.BackDoor.exe finished downloading right now by the way. Nice pics!
5. “I’m revealing company secrets.”
Yup, you caught me. All of my posts are a cipher giving any key secrets about the Vista OS from Microsoft. Bill Gates’ personal assault team is dropping into my room as I type.
It was fun everybody. It was fun.
6. “Just because my name’s on it doesn’t mean I wrote it.”
Actually I can expelled for that. I wrote it. It might just be unoriginal and boring. (Like this post some of you are probably thinking. Yes, I can read your minds and steal your ideas!)
7. “My blog is just a stepping stone to bigger and better things.”
Yup, from my boredom to all of yours.
Eight. “I can control what you see on the Internet.”
All your Nets are belong to me. You cannot survive. Make your time. Ha ha ha.
Nuevo. “Blogging just about ruined my life.”
Nope. It lets me vent. It even helps a bit. Everybody should blog…and link to me…
10. “I’m already obsolete.”
Well, when the fad comes back I’ll be ahead of the game!
What? Tomagotchis came back, why not me?
Eleven and a half plus two thirds. You can’t generalize blogs because they are as different as the people who write them. When you try to, you run into walls. And what happens when you run into walls?
They put you on ritalin.

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