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Why BitTorrent needs to die

In the beginning…we had real files…and for a time…it was good.
Then, came BitTorrent. Webmasters no longer needed to host entire files and the amount of space and bandwidth they needed dropped exponentially. Good? No.
Because of BitTorrent Web space and bandwidth prices are still higher than they need to be. Supply and demand. Web space is essentially infinite, so the more people want it, the more money companies make. It’s not competitive for space. Therefore, if more people needed more space the price could go down.
With BitTorrent, we don’t need nearly as much space, so the prices can’t go down nearly as much as they should. Plus, nothing I ever want to download is ever seeded and in the odd chance that it is I still can’t get good speeds.
(Hmm…I had hoped this would be a longer post. *shrug*)
(Notice I reused my “Humbug” category? I no longer regret that V-Day post…as much.)

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