Another Else: Volume I
Reminding and Restating Revised

Is somebody trying to tell me something?

Ok, so I told you about my back…in fact in writing that very sentence I got a spike of pain. Ow.
Since I have hurt my back every Tom, Sam, Dick, Jon, and Zebadiah with a back injury has found me. You don’t know anybody named Zebadiah? Me either.
All of them seem to be worse off than me, including one guy who has lost feeling in one of his feet and the other is closing in behind. They all think I might be bad off, too. Now, they don’t know because I didn’t have as much of a chance to explain my condition to any of them. That guy who can’t feel his feet told me to get an X-Ray no matter what my doctor said.
Here’s the kicker.
After waiting an hour and a half in the waiting room, I was told that I was young and therefore not prone to spinal injuries. I agree.
I was told to continue taking Moltrin with a slightly higher dose (added a 3 pill). OK.
If that doesn’t work, I have a prescription to go file for stronger stuff. Finally, after a week or so if I don’t feel any better I will get an X-Ray referral or something.
Now, am I meeting these people as a sign saying I need to pursue more information?
Or, are these people thrown my way to as a way to tell me to stop being such a wuss?
Guess, I’ll find out in a week…haha…
(Yes, I have already taken three Moltrin)

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