Another Else: Volume I
Reminding and Restating Revised

Be Tough with your Money!

On Sunday, an article was posted on digg about a video game sale.
In the comments many people doubted the validity of such a sale (even though it happens annually) and commented on reasons on why they did not get the sale prices. Then, some had the audacity to criticize people who tried to profit off of this occasion, people like me.
First, just because the clerks didn’t all know about the sale doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist! Second, fight for it!
I recall a comment saying that they didn’t want to cite the Internet as a sale. Tough luck.
I saw many people scouring the racks for these games all looking at a list they got from who knows what Web site. Then, some of us had to convince the cashiers that we weren’t crazy.
In the end, those of us who fought for it…profited.
Don’t criticize me for your lack of drive. I profited. I admit it.
I am bargain hunter and I won’t back down.
I also work retail. I have dealt with people like me and people who don’t even know what’s on sale.
I don’t remember everything on sale at my store, so if they don’t get a sale item, it’s their fault. You have to work to save money and profit.
Don’t want to? Have fun with life!

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