Another Else: Volume I
Reminding and Restating Revised

Mind Your Manners

My fellow Americans.
Please represent yourselves better on the virtual plane of existence know as the Internets. A good many of you have made the “twelve-year-old AOLer” seem like the American norm. Now, I realize that this may hard for some of you. Some of you get off on being a an utter dunce online because if you did so in the real world you’d have your teeth removed from your jaw. I realize that you will have to find a new way to get off.
Try sticking fireworks into frogs. I hear they blow up nicely. (Yes, it might be mean to the animals but with luck the stupid ones will blow their fingers off and no longer be able to type or hold a controller. Plus, they are frogs, who cares?)
So, whether it be on digg, a forum, or Xbox Live, try to act in a civilized manner. Remember that people can still find your IP address and then where you live.
If it comes to that, I want to help remove your teeth because you are making those of us who act responsibly look bad.
Thank you for not talking while reading this.

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