Another Else: Volume I
Reminding and Restating Revised

The Newest Trend

Believe it or not, most children are indicators of some kind of trend. Whether it be that 85% of all girls are named Brittney or Ashley or that names like Brian can be spelled “Brian” or “Bryan.” Sure while trying to remember if the guy you are talking is “Brian with an ‘i’ ” or “Bryan with a ‘y’ ” or trying to remember which Ashley is which can be annoying, it’s usually forgettable.
The problem is what’s being forgotten in this newest trend.
What’s the newest trend? Adopting kids from other countries.
Now, yes, adopting kids from a poor, under developed nation seems like the most righteous thing to do. Aw, look at the commercial with the guy and those under nourished kids. Forget the eighty cents a day thing, I’ll adopt one. Now, I won’t get into how people like Madonna probably aren’t even the ones actually raising the kids because I know people like Madonna aren’t the ones who might stumble across this blog.
Now, if Madonna does stumble across this blog…can I have your autograph?
Ahem…but I digress…ahem…
Right here in this country, the US of A or England (or Britain or the UK or whatever they are calling themselves now. I mean we make fun of France for being on like its fifth different government but I’m pretty sure they at least keep their name the same.) or whatever “developed” country you are in, there are children who are just as starved and just as abandoned.
Sure, they all aren’t. Oliver Twist and Annie are fiction but the kids here are just as much in trouble as are the ones in Africa and other such orphanage countries. There’s trouble on the home front and people are trying to fight battles elsewhere.
This is where I lose people’s train of thought. Do they just choose to ignore the problems here, do they do it for what is probably more relaxed adopting processes, or do they think they are taking the moral high road?
People, when we fix our problems here, or at least make them a lot better, we can worry about the kids over there.
For now, adopt kids here. Help out here.
Whatever your “here” happens to be, you need to help it out. Because if you don’t, people from other countries aren’t going to adopt you or send you aid.

Now, which Ashley is which again? I promise I’ll remember this time.

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