Another Else: Volume I
Reminding and Restating Revised

The Most Needed Reference Material: How much do I put in the card?

We’ve all been there.
“How much do we put in the card?”
It’s ten minutes before heading out somewhere and you have no idea how much money to stick in the congratulations card. Now, we alway do cards now because nobody has any idea what the hell anybody else is into anymore.
“I’ll just stick money in the card.”
We always think of this as the easy way out until we try to decide what amount to give out.
“Let’s see. We gave him $20 for his birthday, right? And we did what….I don’t remember. How much did we give him for graduation? How much did they give you?”
“I don’t remember.”
“Well how much does this compare to graduation?”
“Ummm…not really…I really don’t know.”
So what do we do? We ask everybody else how much they are giving and we always find out they were waiting to ask us the same question.
Oh, and thennnnnnn
“You’re only giving money? At least get a gift card.”
A gift card? Where the hell do they shop? I don’t know!
How many unused gift cards are sitting in your wallet/ purse right now?
Blockbuster? Who goes there anymore? I don’t want to deal with a late fee!
Here’s the list of how much to give. I’m keeping this for my own records to make it easier.

Good Friend/ Family: $20
Not so close friend: $10

Family: $40
Good Friend: $25
Not so close friend: $10 if they gave me something

Family: $50
Good Friend: $30
Not so close friend: $15 if they invite to graduation party

Other occasion somewhat comparable to graduation (once in a lifetime)
Family: $60
Good Friend: $50
Not so close friend: $30 if invited

Find your occasion and your description.
Problem Solved.

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