Another Else: Volume I
Reminding and Restating Revised

The College Scheme…I mean Industry…err…Process?

All through high school we are brainwashed.
I bet you’re excited about college.
Wait ’til you get to college.
You’ll enjoy college.
Work hard, so you can get into college and even get a scholarship.

College is a lovely industry. Yup, that’s right, industry.
They take students….no I take that back. They take students’ and their parents’ money and in four years if the student has worked hard enough he gets a diploma. Now, that’s all that matters.
That little piece of paper.
You can be graduating with a 3.5 and be on the same level as your buddy who slacked off and graduated with a 2.3.
On top of that, your buddies who never went to or dropped out of college can have good jobs too. It’s a lot harder for them, but it’s possible.
So, why bother?
You need to go to college if you want to make it to the top. It makes it easier to get there.
BING! Hook, line, and sinker.
I know, I’ve had the hook set in my lip too.
Well, at least colleges will help us out right?


The truth is colleges are great at showing us exactly how little we matter and how little what we have done in the past matters.
Unless, you are near perfect and get a scholarship. Then, they send you a check.
If you are one of those people…I hate you.
One of my best friends is one of those people. *sigh*
Yup, colleges don’t care about you. They don’t hold any standards as to how they deal with you. They just butter up during the application season.
Don’t believe me yet?
Let’s go through the college process.
First, we apply the colleges we want to go to. We send them a packet of papers that has taken us weeks to fill out and an application fee, about $95 to bribe somebody in actually reading the crap we made up about ourselves to make us look good. Oh, and most importantly, we send this out so it gets to the college by a very specific date; otherwise, we’re out, no chance. God forbid you miss the deadline or you … arescrewed.
Now, when does the new applicant find out whether or not they are good enough?
Some where in a month and a half block of time the following spring.
We are held to deadlines. We get responses “when they are sent out” as I was told by a university.

Skip ahead a few months.

I recently received a bill I need to pay to keep going to college. (Yeah, very tempting to say “No thanks.”)
I have a bit of financial aid nd some student loans totaling to about one fourth of my tuition. I won’t see them in my account until two days before the bill is due. What if, like everything else this college does, it gets done late.
Do I just overpay and hope it all works out. I’m sure if it goes badly, I’ll be writing about it.

Breathe in.
Breathe out.

Going back to something I said in this post and another.
I graduated high school with over a 4.0 and ranking in the top ten of my class.
I have no scholarship.
The best part is I know why. I scored sixty points below what was wanted on the SAT. My ACT scores were well above and beyond what was wanted, but nobody looks at those here on the east coast.
That’s it. In fact, one guy who works in the office of scholarships couldn’t believe I didn’t have a scholarship and checked my file again. He was stunned. All my work to get good grades is for naught.

Now, we have to ask, what is the business of colleges.
They take your money and pump and a graduate. They hope you’ll do reasonably well in life so you serve as advertising. The college wants to show off how many famous people attended classes there in hopes that you will want to also.
They also hope that after all is done, the successful graduate will feel he owes something to the college he attended and maybe donate some money, come back and talk to potential students, or maybe just be a proponent of his former school.
However, they seem to forget that in order for someone to be a proponent of something, they have to like it. That means they have to feel like the college helped them out.
Right now, will I be a proponent?
Don’t hold your breath.

So, go to college. Go up against the big bully.
Just don’t do it expecting anything else but this.


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