Another Else: Volume I
Reminding and Restating Revised

The Cover of the Book

Time for a controversial topic! Yaaaaaay!

We’ve all heard this expression.

It’s not what’s on the outside that matters; it’s the inside.

My response…
Honestly, the outside matters, a lot. And now, you have written me off as the typical, shallow male.
Paleez, guys and gals, you are just as bad as me.
Know why? Ask yourself something.
Have I ever liked (and I mean like, not like) someone that I didn’t find attractive?
Notice the key word that redeems me, find.
The truth is, if you read that question and answered no, you are a liar and you know it.
This is for girls and guys, you like people you find attractive. You find partners by this.
Then, you find out about a person. You learn about them.

At least, this is how it happens offline.

An odd phenomenon has occurred. People have started to date online. I’m not saying if this is right or wrong, I don’t know. Yeah, it’s weird because who knows who you are really talking to. But, online you don’t always have pictures and such. You have people. You learn people and find out who is compatible and who isn’t.
One could think this would be the best way to find a partner, but the fear that you don’t know who the other person is can consume the notion.

My point really goes back to how the outside matters. The online thing came to me as I was writing. I don’t consider online dating a possibility, but musing on it just happened.

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