Another Else: Volume I
Reminding and Restating Revised

Natural Arrogance

Anything you can do I can do better
I can do anything better than you.

Yeah, you have to have heard this song before. Remember yet? … It doesn’t matter, I don’t have time to wait for you.
No matter how badly this song can be performed, as if I have room to talk with my nonexistant singing talent, it carries that natural arrogance we all have.
We all look at someone who says “I can do it better” and say “Oh reallllly?”
When they actually perform, we get upset. Why? Because we want to win. We want to succeed.
Don’t hide it. Some people like to say “Oh, I’m happy for them. They did it well.” Nobody is that much of a saint.
No, I take it back. I knew one girl who was that much of saint. After her, nobody is that much of a saint.

I know very well what it’s like to want to succeed. It sucks when you don’t have that seemingly endless ability and talent that everyone else seems to have.
I graduated high school with a GPA over 4.0 and was ranked in the top 10 of my class. Am I smarter than than the three hundred and forty some of my classmates that graduated behind me?
Well…mostly…probably yes, but not those closer behind me.

That natural arrogance we all have causes us to do things we never thought we could. In my case, I worked hard while others slacked off. I wasn’t expecting my grade and rank. It just happened because I tried to keep up with everyone else in my “smart honors and AP classes.”
What has your natural arrogance caused you to do? What will it cause you to do?

It’s your success gauge, you know. It tells you “Hey, we suck” or “Hey, we’re doing okay.”
For another example, I used to work in a far lower position in another place of work than I work now. A group of my classmates walked in and I helped them quickly. After that day, I was even more unhappy about my job. I knew I shouldn’t be the one serving in that situation.
My gauge told me “Hey, we suck, we suck a lot…”
Now, I’m better off in my new job. I not a high rolling, rich aristocrat. I’m in college still, jeez.
But I’m happier, and yes, I make more money. I use more of my mind and have room to move up.

Don’t settle if you don’t have to. Work hard and work often to get what you want.
And most importantly, don’t mess up early on. Kids, drugs, and early-in-life marriage will halt your dreams…probably forever.

Oh, and don’t allow people to give you everything. I knew someone like that. He now has officially lost any potential he had.


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