Another Else: Volume I
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Metroid Online: Uncorrupted Network

On November 19, I ran around with a friend for seven hours trying to get a hold of a Nintendo Wii. I found the Nintendo sponsored launch in my area, a not-so-local EB Games, and got my Wii. I was number 96 of 117.
The Wii has quickly taken up a lot of my time. I managed to pick up another Wii Remote and Trauma Center: Second Opinion. I have a wireless network, so my Wii is up to date and has the Internet Channel installed. I played around with the Weather Channel but honestly it was cool for five minutes. I can tell the weather by looking outside, a strange concept for some of you I know.
But the most debate over this little console stems from a feature that really isn’t used yet, the friend codes.
It seems that the Xbox Live kiddies all want something equivalent to their Gamertags. To you lot, and those who agree with you, I say “BUGGER OFF MY ONLINE SYSTEM!
I like the Friend Codes. I used to play on Xbox Live. I came to only play with my friends, the people whose Friend Codes I would be able to get. I don’t want to make friends while playing on my console because most of the people I end playing with are 12-year-olds and can’t losing without complaining about “hacks” and telling me how much “leeter” they are.
They can stay with Microsoft. I’ll play Metroid with my buddies and hopefully the random match maker will allow me to mute people. In the mean time, I’ll keep my Wii number almost as much of a secret as my passwords.
My friends with Wii will have it, and I’ll play with them.
Everybody else, if you don’t like it, go help the further corruption of Xbox Live and whatever Sony is calling their online program.
Oh yea, for those of you who don’t have any friends with a Wii, you fail. Sorry.
I’m not holding myself back for you. Go make a MySpace looking for friends, like the cool kids are doing.

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