Another Else: Volume I
Reminding and Restating Revised

Nothing good is on in my Home Box Office

You know, some people can’t believe that I really don’t watch TV anymore. Nothing good is ever on.
I can’t even seem to find a good movie on HBO.
What does HBO stand for?
Apparently, “Home Box Office”
I used to know that…

But I digress…
I used to watch a bit of TechTV, G4TechTV, and then renamed back to G4TV. Yea, already some of you are ready to go stick someone on a pike. Go MoBlog it.
I liked Extended Play, now called X-Play.
Watching it now…it hurts. I haven’t caught it for a few months, but I heard some bad things. I held out hope though.
Adam and Morgan didn’t even seem to want to be in their “Best of ’06” episode. *sigh*
First, The Screen Savers and now X-Play.
G4TV, what have THOU DONE-TH?!
So, I’m sticking to my podcasts, or netcasts, or what-have-you. Now, if only the podcasts got the recognition they deserved, but apparently we are a ways off from the proper person getting recognition.

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