Another Else: Volume I
Reminding and Restating Revised

Off Target

Well, after today, I need a new place to eat during my lunch break.
Everyday of work now, since I figured out Chick-fil-A severely damages my stomach (yet somehow is still worth it), I’ve been going to Target for lunch. The one near my place of work has a food court of sorts in the front of the store. Normally, I order a Cinnabon Pretzel and a soda. Now, this pretzel is great. It’s filled with the melted cinnamon goop and tastes great (this coming from a picky eater).
Today, however, I was hungrier than usual so I wanted to order more. This restaurentette (I can make up words! Eat your heart out, President Bush.) advertises its chicken tenders so I figured I’d order them.
They didn’t have any. Now, how do you run out of chicken tenders? I mean, of all items, shouldn’t those be delivered in the thousands? But, I’m not complaining about this as much; at least the cashier was nice when she said, “We don’t have any chicken tenders.”
“Alright, I’ve take one of those Cinnabon pretzels.”
“The cinnamon one?”
Now, I said yea thinking What else would it be? It’s Cinnabon!
She starts making a regular cinnamon pretzel.
“Excuse me.”
She ignores me.
“Excuse me!”
“Don’t you have the ones with the cinnamon goo on the inside?”
“You said cinnamon” (with a sneer)
“No, you said cinnamon.”
Well, we don’t have those.” (basically glaring at me)
Well, excuse me for ordering food. I was being nice.
I even took the pretzel, which sucked horribly.
I don’t need to take that when somebody gets my order wrong. I’ve had attitude problems with the kids (they are younger than I am, so I can call them kids) who work there before, but at least I got what I ordered! They seem to hate working enough, that make it obvious to the customer that he isn’t welcome in line. If I was like that to a customer I’d be fired, and I don’t work in the food business.
Customer Service is important. Now, I don’t mean put up with the overbearing and imprudent customers we all have seen, but the average, good-natured one which I try to be.
Now, to find a new place to eat…


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